Day 108: Don’t Be Rude

Proverbs 18:13

Answering before listening is both stupid and rude.


Don’t be stupid. Don’t be rude.

A FivestarMan is gallant. Gallant is a remarkable word that describes the very core of character within an authentic man. One of the aspects of being gallant is having manners and courtesy.

We’re living in a very casual culture. Casual Friday has turned into casual every day. Casual conversation has turned into text language. In this environment, a man who knows how to conduct himself and represents himself well in conversations will be a real standout.

When we’re engaged in a conversation, we need to be attentive to make eye contact, listen to the other person, and respond with appropriateness.

I recently met a man that I had admired for years. He is a brilliant attorney who has written numerous books. I saw him and his wife approaching a door, so I paused to hold the door open for them and introduced myself. I also complimented his work and thanked him for his books.

Unfortunately, his demeanor and response were horribly rude. I have worked very hard to overcome a speech impediment from my childhood. Most people would not notice it; however, he not only noticed it but mocked me. You can imagine the letdown of such high admiration that I had for him. So disappointing.

My takeaway from that encounter was to conduct an audit on myself and ask the question, “Have I acted so rudely and stupidly toward people?” I want to be aware and attentive to others and treat them with the respect and dignity that we all deserve.


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Read Proverbs Chapter 18

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  1. Clyde on September 2, 2020 at 4:37 am

    Excellent take away.
    I worked in law enforcement for 43 years. As equipment and technology advanced, my patrol car came with the ability to record all traffic stops. I Liked to reviews the recordings and LISTEN to my verbal content on these encounters to make sure I didn’t sound sarcastic (sometimes I did) or angry at the violator. This was a great tool for me helping me to keep my safety in mind and the way I treated everyone. Thank you again for the morning devotions. I hope you have a great day.