Day 86: The Four Faces of Anger

Proverbs 27:4

Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming,
but who can stand before jealousy?


Do not allow the day to pass without ridding yourself of anger.

Anger digs deep into the soul of man. It can draw out buried emotions from years past in an instant. It is very important that we distinguish the different types of anger and extinguish the harmful emotions.

The Four Faces of Anger

  • RAGE is a fit of anger that causes us to flurry about with over-expressed gestures, clenched jaws, or boisterous words, even calling down curses. This kind of anger typically comes from frustrated expectations. Expressing rage causes people around you to stare at you in disbelief, confusion, or embarrassment.
  • FURY is a much stronger emotion of rage. It is a destructive form of rage often leading to a depraved mind and delusional violence. Fury is motivated by evil. This often results in physical harm to others, even murder.
  • INDIGNATION is righteous anger caused by witnessing or experiencing injustice, shame, or evil done to innocence. It is the correct use of the emotion of anger. Indignation motivates men to protect and risk their lives for the cause of others.
  • WRATH is the godliest form of anger. It is anger that responds to evil with pure judgment. Wrath is what causes a man to correct a wrong and to rid the earth of evil.

Some men have been taught to sequester their anger, to be stoic in emotions; yet anger has a role to play in our lives if our motivations are pure and our response is disciplined.

Jealousy is the extreme energy of anger expressed by an envious person. Our Advisor says that jealousy is the most destructive of all forms of anger. It is the motivation for innumerable murders, robberies, and other violent crimes.


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  1. Clyde on August 11, 2020 at 5:54 am

    Thank you Brother Neil. Every mouth in my home issues come up with my live in mother in law. She is a narcissist or one turned over to a jezebel spirit. Anger or just pure disappointment. The agreement understanding with my wife is out the window when it comes to the rage of her mother. But I will also add that your lessons on building an hedge and other teachings you bring to five star man has been a big help .