Day 85: Bullseye

Proverbs 26:10

Like an archer who wounds at random
is one who hires a fool or any passer-by.


Have a target before you shoot.

I recently had the privilege to speak at the Top Shot Men’s Conference in Wasilla, Alaska. At this event last year, I competed in the archery competition. Even though I had never pulled a bow, I made it to the final with one other competitor. Obviously, that experience gave me a hunger to take up archery.

I now have an amazing Matthews Helim outfitted to perfection. It is a piece of art, but it is also a deadly weapon. I am enjoying learning the art of archery.

Our Advisor recommends when it comes to hiring, you better have a target. Hiring just anyone or someone that is not vetted is like shooting arrows without eyeing the target. He considers it randomly dangerous.

I have made this mistake on a few occasions. Flippantly hiring someone is destructive and usually turns into disasters.


Know what the target is before you shot your arrows. You'll hit the bullseye every time. Share on X

Read Proverbs Chapter 26

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