Day 8: Wisdom Raises Her Voice

Proverbs 8:1

Does not wisdom call out?
Does not understanding raise her voice?


Wisdom is personified as the attention-grabbing, attractive voice of a woman. Wisdom raises her voice.

It is interesting that our advisor personifies wisdom in the feminine voice. This chapter tells us how aggressive Wisdom is to get our attention – even positioning herself in the most obvious place – “the gate of the city.” She is attractive and wanting our attention. In Greek, Wisdom is named Sophia.

At times, we tend to think of Wisdom as allusive and secretive. Some act as if Wisdom is hiding in the shadows or that only a few selected people have access to her. Wisdom is actually raising her voice and calling out to “all men.”

That’s good news for us. We are summoned to hear what she has to say. However, it needs to be noted that wisdom and education are two different things. Education is important, but wisdom is the most important thing. Wisdom gives you special insight that helps you know what to do. She gives us principles, solutions, and action steps to get things done.


Give your attention and listen to Wisdom. Proverbs 8:1 Share on X

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  1. Robert J. Wareham on December 26, 2019 at 6:46 am

    Wisdom is Awesome. She is Alive along with Understanding and Prudence…Beautiful Sisters.
    Only applied knowledge is wisdom. I know too many smart people that live in the information age and are blinded by the world of politics, commerce or themselves. I believe true wisdom can only come from God.