Day 49: Vandalism

Proverbs 18:9

Slack habits and sloppy work
are as bad as vandalism.


You will never have an excellent life with 80 percent effort.

My wife and I were recently in New York City – it was our first visit – we loved it. Before I visit a city or country for the first time, I like to read the history behind it and discover some tidbits about the rhythm and makeup of the people who built it and currently live in it.

During the ’60s, 70’s, and ’80s, New York City fell into disrepair, rampant violence, economic decline, and disorder. The streets became violent. The nights were haunting. It wasn’t looking good for Gotham.

I discovered that three men led NYC into a cultural change – Evangelist David Wilkerson planted Times Square Church in the heart of the city, which began to change the spiritual climate; Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, led an economic resurgence at Times Square; and Mayor Rudy Giuliani transformed the city by dramatically bringing down the crime rate. Mayor Giuliani accomplished all of this with a unique program that targeted vandalism and other small crimes. By focusing on the small crimes, he was able to reduce the larger and more violent crimes. Vandalism was a manifestation of a deeper issue of disorder.

Our Advisor tells us that slack habits and sloppy work are as bad as vandalism. In other words, if you want to have a resurgence in your own life, you will need to focus on the small things that make significant differences. Some men want to have excellent results with minimal effort. When your work is sloppy and your habits are slack, your presentation to the world is like graffiti – it signals to everyone that your life is in disorder.

How are your habits? Your future is hidden in your daily routine. How is your work ethic? If you’re slack in your work, it won’t be long that you’re out of work.


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