Day 345: Domestic Violence

Proverbs 11:29

Exploit or abuse your family and end up with a fistful of air; common sense tells you it’s a stupid way to live.


We should champion our lives in front of our families before all others.

The NFL announced rigorous measures and conduct standards for their players. On the premise that playing or working in any capacity in the NFL is a privilege that comes with responsibility, a person must be held to high standards of behavior. A new Special Counsel for Investigations and Conduct will oversee the high standards of conduct.

Recent news has exacerbated many NFL professional players’ already damaged public relations. Now, what a player does in the privacy of his home is open to the scrutiny of the league. At The Daily Champion, we’ve talked a lot about the closet principle—what a man does in secret is what moves him in public.

Isn’t it interesting that a man can be a champion on the “field of contest” (e.g., the football field) and a loser in the passion of being gallant toward his wife?

As we pursue authentic manhood, we should strive to live exemplary lives in all five passions — adventurous spirit; entrepreneurial drive; gallant relationships; faithful character; leaves a legacy with a philanthropic cause.

If anyone should think that we’re champions, it should be our family. I would much rather be a champion to my wife, children, and grandchildren than to strangers in a stadium.


Any man who raises his hand in violence against his family forfeits his manhood and will suffer the wrath of his stupidity. Click To Tweet

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  1. James Thomas on December 17, 2019 at 6:49 am

    Morning-still not able to”view “ (about a month now). Can read only, but I can listen to Proverbs. Also card on file is same-maybe try Exp date 8/23. Stay BLESSED!