Day 329: Don’t Stuff Yourself

Proverbs 25:27

It’s not smart to stuff yourself with sweets, nor is glory piled on glory good for you.


Show restraint.

If you’ve traveled outside North America, you know how much abundance we have at our disposal. We have mastered the art of product and capitalism. It’s a compliment to decades of innovation and competence in our work ethic; however, it also has caused collateral damage of gluttony and narcissism.

I believe that a person with an abundant mentality shows restraint in his indulgence and has a balance in his identity – not overthinking oneself and not stuffing oneself with sweets.

As authentic men, we should strive for a healthy balance. Knowing who we are in Christ will assure us of identity. It will also give us security in our diet, knowing that we don’t have to indulge. There will be plenty tomorrow; we won’t run out.

The people who left Egypt were given Manna (the bread of angels) each day. The Manna had a 24-hour expiration date. The people had to develop a trust in God’s supply, leaning upon His ability to meet their needs daily and having confidence that God held them in high estimation.

Let’s take a lesson and show restraint in our foods and egos.


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Read Proverbs Chapter 25

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  1. John Lund on November 2, 2021 at 7:25 am

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