Day 299: Don’t Start a Fire


Proverbs 26:21

A quarrelsome person in a dispute is like kerosene thrown on a fire.


Don’t allow a person to start a fire with strife.

I use social media platforms to promote the message of FivestarMan. These platforms can be a tremendous help in spreading the message. We hear amazing feedback and testimonies from men who are stepping up to the cause of authentic manhood. We’re building a movement.

One of the pitfalls of social media platforms is those who troll, looking for a dispute. They usually have little influence with their platform and want to use ours to spew their venom.

As tempting as it is to debate them, I’ve found that it is best to cut them out of the platform quickly. I have a natural inclination to debate — I enjoy it — I like the ping-pong of ideas and would welcome it on so many levels; however, on a public platform, it is not a good idea. The problem is the collateral damage that it can have on others. It’s like starting a wildfire — stoking it into a rage.

You may have a family member or coworker constantly stirring strife up by starting quarrels. The best thing to do is shut it down and don’t try to reason with them. Don’t try to persuade them; they won’t change.


Don't allow a person to start a fire with strife. Share on X

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