Day 234: Drive Out the Mocker

Proverbs 22:10

Throw out the mocker, and fighting goes, too. Quarrels and insults will disappear.


Strife is the manifested presence of evil.

I grew up in a quarrelsome home. My mother’s second husband used intimidation tactics to control her. He treated her with horrible disrespect. He ranted and raged to get his way. He was a little man with a huge ego. He was a tyrant in the home.

My wife and I made a pact early in our marriage that we would have a peaceful home. As our children were growing up, their friends wanted to hang out at our home – primarily because of the peace that could be felt in it. We determined that the atmosphere of our house would be inviting and a place of refuge.

Kay and I never yelled at each other – I know that sounds hard to believe, but it’s true – it was never an option for us to raise our voices to get our way.

We also were very selective about who we invited into our home because we wanted to protect the atmosphere. We were also selective in the television shows that we watched. I refused to invite strife to be a guest in our home.

Some people want drama – they want to live a soap opera lifestyle. The problem is they also get the results of that lifestyle of insults, quarrels, fighting, and mocking each other – they reap a whirlwind of torn relationships. They thrive on the emotional roller coaster.


Drive out the mocker and out goes strife. Share on X

Read Proverbs Chapter 22

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