Day 195: Illusive Dreams

Proverbs 14:18

Foolish dreamers live in a world of illusion; wise realists plant their feet on the ground.


Imagination can be one of man’s greatest assets or his worse liabilities.

An amazing opportunity lies ahead for the man who can dream great dreams but then awaken to the hard work to fulfill them. I’ve known men who were an idealist but never practical – those who seem to explore no limits to their imagination but never put their hand to work and get it done.

There needs to be a practical appreciation of our imagination.

There’s not a doubt that you’ve had ideas that God has deposited within you – however, it takes your cooperation to awaken to implement those ideas into reality – otherwise, the idea will become someone else’s invention.

There’s also a danger in not giving yourself to the dream process. Some men have given up on their ability to dream dreams. Don’t become so practical that you can’t dream. The Bible says that older men will dream dreams. The Spirit of God can help an older man to dream again.


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Read Proverbs Chapter 14

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  1. Sanford Ashley on July 14, 2014 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for this advice. I had been sitting on an idea that came close to fruition, yet I sat on it instead of going full throttle. I looked for excuses (trials, finances, God’s timing, etc).God used a man at my job to actually get me going on the idea. This post takes me over the over the top.Thanks again Neil for your wisdon.

    • Neil Kennedy on July 14, 2014 at 10:44 pm

      Thanks Sanford. I appreciate you reading the Daily Champion. Thanks for sharing.