Day 16: Don’t Be Confused

Proverbs 16:1

We can make our own plans,
but the LORD gives the right answer.


If your plans do not agree with God’s purpose you will enter into confusion.

God’s original intent for Man was to “be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) Nomads began to move eastward and discovered the beautiful and plentiful plain of Shinar. The Bible says that the men settled there.

The settlers began to engineer and make preparations to build a city. They developed new technologies such as the uniformity of bricks and invented tar for a sealant. Their elaborate plans involved a center-piece of architectural wonder called a tower.

God came down to see the city and the tower. After surveying their progress, He exclaimed, “If they have begun to do this, then nothing that they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

God’s answer to their plans was to confuse their ability to speak and understand one another, which caused clusters of people to unite and “scatter upon the earth.” Resulting in a return to God’s original intent and purpose for mankind.

Whenever we make plans that are contrary with God’s purpose we enter into confusion.


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  1. Clyde on June 2, 2021 at 5:27 am

    Amen. God is sovereign forever.