Day 95: Money-Grubbers

Proverbs 5:10

Strangers will consume your wealth, and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.


These disingenuous voices are making their noise, coming out of the shadows, and profiting off the death of authentic manhood. -George Sawyer

Have you noticed that there are entire industries devoted to profiteering off the failure of authentic manhood? They purvey on the weaknesses of men. They set traps and entice men into snares. They’re money-grubbers – bent on consuming your wealth and taking advantage of your hard work.

In his book, The Resurrection of Authentic Manhood, George Sawyer talks about the mourners who were at the tomb of Lazarus. They were professional mourners – people paid to be at a funeral to wail and rent clothing. George says, “Just because someone shouts the loudest does not mean that his words carry truth.”

I’ve heard of a divorce attorney who represented wealthy women divorcing their unfaithful husbands. Unbeknownst to the divorcing parties – the unscrupulous lawyer had hired women to entrap the husband. The attorney was swirling around like a vulture waiting the moment to swoop down, represent the heartbroken wife, and take all the money that he could gather.

There is no excuse for the husband who betrays his marriage; however, he should have been keenly aware, alert, and proactive to avoid this entrapment. As men, we must remember that there are profiteers – money-grubbers – who look for weaknesses and will take full advantage of them. They will not hesitate to take all that you have, leaving you a broken wreck of a man.


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