Day 88: Can You Handle Truth?

Proverbs 29:12

If a ruler listens to lies,
all his officials become wicked.


If a man values lies, he will never hear the truth.

It is an iconic moment in the movie, “A Few Good Men,” when the ideal of military manhood is on trial. Soldiers who were issued an order from the commander to kill a fellow soldier – a code red – were supposed to protect the “idea” of loyalty and of the commander. The moral judgment of the code red was all based upon a lie.

When a leader value lies, all of his men become wicked. It starts at the top and works through the organization, the nation, or even the home. The value set becomes mendacity – given to or characterized by deception or divergence from the truth. Mendacity has become an art form in modern-day politics. Unfortunately, they justify their lying articulations with the claim of a moral high ground; however, lying does not have a moral high ground.

When a man’s entire life is mendacious, telling the truth is not an option nor a moral code of conduct.


Lying does not have a moral high ground. Share on X

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