Day 84: Clouds Without Rain

Proverbs 25:14

Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts he does not give.


We should carefully watch over our promises to deliver them.

Have you ever been promised something but didn’t receive it? Sure, you have. Do you remember the disappointment – even the bitter taste that it left in you?

Our Advisor compares it to a farmer who sees the promise of clouds and has the hopeful expectation for rain – needing its refreshment and nourishment for his crops – only to feel the brisk winds bring in clouds that fail to release their abundance.

If you’re a businessman expecting a client to place that big order that will turn around a failing quarter – or an entrepreneur who is promised the venture capital that you need to launch a new product or service – you know the sting that the farmer feels… disappointment.

I could complain about the times that I’ve been promised something only to feel the sting of disappointment, but more embarrassing is the times that I’ve failed to fulfill the promise that I’ve made to someone.

A few weeks ago, in my prayer time, I was reminded of a promise that I made to give a certain amount of money to a friend who was building a new facility. I had contributed to him before and had advised him on numerous occasions free of charge, but this promised a financial gift, and I failed to pay it.

When I became aware of it – I immediately called him and apologized. Since then, I have taken the necessary steps to fulfill my pledge. To be perfectly honest, he may not have remembered the promise – he built his building and has experienced tremendous success regardless of my gift – yet, it was important to me to watch over my word to fulfill it.


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