Day 56: Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Proverbs 25:8

Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be
a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.


Seeing something is not the conclusion of a matter.

A man noticed that his neighbor’s Harley was put up for sale. He realized that he had not seen him in a while. Then his boat… later his truck. He concluded to his wife, “He must have left her. They must be getting a divorce.” All of the signs were there. The other neighbors came to the same conclusion, and they chatted about it – each sharing their version of speculation and assumptions.

Then the truth.

His neighbor had died. His wife and son were left…, not for the reason that the neighbors imagined.

When my embarrassed friend and his wife realized their impromptu conclusion, they were saddened that they had been so callous and cynical.

They walked over to the widow’s home, repented for their judgment, and asked what they could do to help. She was gracious.

One day, he noticed the leaves of fall – he immediately began to rake her leaves. During the winter months, he made sure that he removed the snow from the driveway and sidewalks. Other neighbors began to jump in and help. Neighbors became friends.

Eyes give us the ability to see, but we must also have the ability to perceive.


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