Day 42: Tumbling Down – Pride

Proverbs 11:2

Pride leads to disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.


Pride may get the position, but a lack of ability to perform will bring disgrace.

Although we hear a lot about pride and humility – few men really know how it plays out – but we recognize each for what it is when we see it.

First, know that pride doesn’t mean that we are not self-assured. Pride takes on a very different demeanor than someone who knows who they are in Christ and know the purpose for which they enjoy a particular gift set. Self-assurance isn’t pride when it is properly measured by what you are called to do – it is actually faithful to God and the vocation or cause he has for you.

Pride means to act presumptuously – to assume a position without securing it by proven ability. You may get the position, but a lack of ability to perform will disgrace you.

Secondly, humility is not self-abasement. Walking with your head down and always casting disparaging remarks upon yourself is not only unbecoming and embarrassing – it is actually a type of pride in reverse. Seeking constant affirmation is a type of pride. Needing the accolades of man has proven to be a snare to many men.

However, humility is honing and sharpening your skillset to achieve the purposes you have been called. Every man should champion a cause and work diligently toward fulfilling it. In fact, pursuing excellence isn’t prideful; it is a type of humility.

For example, when David stepped forward to challenge the giant-warrior Goliath, Eliab accused him of being prideful. David wasn’t prideful; he was self-assured because he knew his cause, and he also had a proven track record – he had fought a lion, a bear, and with the help of God, he would defeat the giant.

On the other hand, Goliath arrogantly assumed mastery because of his size and strength. His boasting brought him to a sudden and swift beheading.


Don’t confuse pride with self-assurance. Also, don’t confuse humility with self-abasement. Share on X

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