Day 343: Secret Food

Proverbs 9:17

Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious!


Your appetite for secret food isn’t about your stomach but your heart.

It is subtle when it happens. You may have had a tough day, and on your commute home, you pull into a convenience store, fill up with gas, and walk in to pick up something to hold you over until dinner. There is almost nothing in a convenience store that is healthy to eat, so you grab some junk food. Typically, it’s food that you were denied when you were young.

If you’ve read my book, FivestarMan—The Five Passions of Authentic Manhood—you know that Reese’s cups are a sensitive issue for me. I’ve grabbed a four-pack of Reese’s for comfort food more than a few times. I sit in my Suburban, open them up, and down them in four bites. Food eaten in secret is delicious!

We’ve previously talked about the Hebrew word for heart means the seat of purposes, seat of appetites, and seat of emotions. The alignment of the centers is critical to managing them properly. If they are in reverse order, a man will be confused and pervert his purpose.

Eating disorders are typically applied to young ladies; however, as I’ve traveled around the country, it’s evident that men suffer from dysfunctional diets. I suspect that it is tied to emotional insecurities that they are unwilling to deal with on a deep level. I admit that I’ve been guilty of allowing the stress of life to cause me to gain weight.

A few months ago, after a foot injury, I made an appointment with my physician to design a plan of action regarding my health and, more specifically, my weight. I changed my mindset regarding the purpose of food and exercise. I no longer eat for enjoyment or comfort. My exercise is for conditioning, not for weight loss.

I’ve learned to cast all of my cares upon the Lord. It can sound trite, but it is true. I’ve learned to lean into the Lord for my comfort and emotional sustenance.


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