Day 33: A Thousand Sacrifices

Proverbs 2:6

God gives Wisdom free, is plainspoken in Knowledge and Understanding.


God scholarships Wisdom.

When King David died, the household was in chaos. Alliances were formed – servants jockeyed for position. David’s sons gathered political cohorts. Israel’s palace, a place to behold, was thrown into confusion. The treasury overflowing with wealth was an attractive advantage for the next king. The building fund for the upcoming Temple was enormous, estimated to be in the Trillions. Personal ambition distracted family members from mourning their patriarch-king.

Solomon, the young son of David and Bathsheba, emerged as the selected and anointed heir to the throne. The task was so far out of reach for his naivety. He didn’t have much time. Either he gains wisdom early, or his kingship could soon be overthrown.

Upon securing the throne, Solomon offers a thousand burnt offerings in worship to God. In return, God grants Solomon the opportunity to request anything that he wants – wealth, fame, long life, military dominance – whatsoever that motivated Solomon would be granted.

Solomon asked for a discerning heart to govern – knowing right from wrong.

God’s response? “Since you’ve asked for wisdom – you get all of the above plus wisdom.” (1 Kings 3:11)

God gives wisdom freely. He doesn’t discriminate or show favoritism. If you ask for it – He gives it generously without finding fault. (James 1:5) He doesn’t require a thousand sacrifices or a $1,000 gift to a Tele-evangelist. He awaits your need for it above selfish motivations.


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