Day 316: The Weight of Worry

Proverbs 12:25

Worry weighs a person down;
an encouraging word cheers a person up.


Worry weighs you down. Encouragement lifts you up.

I’ve known people who considered worrying as a sign of their commitment and love. They express their love for you by how much they worry about your behalf. It seems that they’re anticipating the bad for you.

Worriers are very much like the mourners of scripture. Mourners were people who traveled from death to death, bewailing for profit. They were compensated for bemoaning. These people are heavy—weighty in spirit.

Our goal for The Daily Champion is to give you a word of encouragement. We feel you have enough troubles and challenges to face, so our goal is to instill courage.

As a young man, I went through a tough time of worry—that bordered on a deep depression. The amazing timing was that my life was as good as I had ever had it. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I awakened in the middle of the night with tremendous anxiety, walked outside, and reclined in a hammock. I looked up to the night sky and sighed my prayers of depression.

I wanted to hear God’s kind and gentle sympathy. I heard in my spirit, “Get up and get your fight back.”

Amazingly, that word encouraged me. It instilled a cheerful resolve. I stood up, walked into the house, and went to sleep. I haven’t faced that battle since, even though I’ve handled very large circumstances, challenges, and struggles.


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