Day 315: Your Gift Will Make Room For You

Proverbs 11:26

People curse the one who hoards grain,
but they pray for God’s blessing on the one willing to sell.


Your gift will usher you into greatness; a lack of character will escort you back into obscurity.

Joseph, a young dreamer, matured to become Egypt’s Prime Minister. You may remember that Joseph’s path took him from the pit of rejection by his brothers, enslaved by Ishmaelites, indentured

servitude to Potiphar, imprisoned by false accusation, and then promoted into the palace, second only to the Pharaoh.

What escorted Joseph from the prison to the palace? It was his gift of interpreting dreams. Solomon says that your gift will usher you into greatness. However, a lack of character will escort you back into obscurity.

After Joseph had interpreted the dreams of the Pharaoh, he was selected to oversee the financial management of the entire economy of Egypt. The Bible says that he stored 20 percent of all grain harvested for seven years. Accounting became almost unimaginable. Yet, within the next seven years, when everyone else was suffering from a drought, Joseph used his genius to amass the most incredible wealth in the history of Egypt by selling the storehouse of grain back to the people. It was a great transfer of wealth.

The Egyptian people were extremely thankful that Joseph was in charge because he was willing to sell grain to them.


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