Day 302: Mutual Disrespect


Proverbs 29:27

The righteous despise the unjust; the wicked despise the godly.


The clash of culture is between the righteous and the wicked.

We’re experiencing a cultural clash — those motivated to live righteous lives with those driven by evil forces. We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with the influences of darkness. Please make no mistake; evil exists and manipulates its will upon those who yield to it.

There is a spiritual law upon the earth; no spirit can operate outside the flesh. So, to do his will, a disembodied spirit must have a person who opens themselves to its manipulation and control. The deeds of darkness are accomplished by the surrendered and those enslaved to sin.

The injustice and insidious nature of the wicked is an abomination to the righteous. We find it disgusting and are repulsed by it.

Likewise, righteousness and moral integrity is disrespected by the wicked. They laugh and mock those who live with the ethical guidelines of righteousness. They find it gleeful to see the righteous hurt and abused for their faith.

We’re not dealing with rational people. They’re delusional. Evil.


We wrestle not with flesh and blood. Share on X

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