Day 278: The Sad End of a Misspent Life


Proverbs 5:11

At the end of your life, you will groan when your flesh and body are spent.


The poisons of a rebellious life will cause a sad ending to a misspent life.

At FivestarMan, we talk about the fifth purpose of authentic manhood, which is to leave a legacy with a philanthropic cause. Amazingly, few men live their lives to leave a legacy. Temporary and carnal thinking seems to rule most men’s minds.

Remember, we’ve been studying the Hebrew word for heart – the seat of purposes, seat appetites, and seat of emotions. Solomon said that God had placed eternity within the heart of man. So, to think eternally is within each man’s purposes, appetites, and emotions.

That’s what makes today’s Proverb seem so disappointing – men who live their lives in complete rebellion toward the original intent of manhood. In their youth, they stand, stomp their feet, and resist the will of God. When they’re old and weakened by poisons – alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual sins, bitterness, antipathy, etc. – their yellowed skin, rotted teeth, and bloodshot eyes reveal the groaning of their bodies.

I’ve known many men who live the last season of their life in total regret. It’s a sad ending to a misspent life.


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