Day 272: Where Does Your Help Come From


Proverbs 29:26

Everyone tries to get help from the leader,
but only God will give us justice.


Trust in the One who gave you a dream to make it come true.

When you’re passionate about something – it is very easy to scheme a way to get it done. A lot of guys begin to look for shortcuts or want an audience with someone who can make it happen for them. So, they plot and maneuver to present their case to someone they want to get on board with them – most of the time, this plan is embarrassingly rejected.

I have seen it a thousand times. I’ve been tempted to consider trying to get my God-given idea to someone so that it can be accomplished without all the struggles I must face to get it done.

Consider this…if God wanted someone else to do it – He would have given it to them. Think about it… God gave the assignment to you. That means He will provide you with the wisdom to accomplish it, but don’t try to curry favor with someone – seek God, and He will direct your steps. It may be that God uses someone of means and connections – but let Him do that for you. Don’t collude with someone to get it done.


The God who gave you the assignment will also give you the means and connections to get it done. Share on X

Read Proverbs Chapter 29

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