Day 253: The Disciplined Life


Proverbs 10:17

The road to life is a disciplined life;
ignore correction, and you’re lost for good.


The disciplined life is living.

When we hear the word discipline, most of us have a little twinge – it doesn’t bring back fond memories. However, discipline is an extremely positive attribute when we accept it. To live life to the fullest, you must embrace discipline – it’s for your good.

Discipline is hearing instruction and adjusting your mind, will, and emotions to submit to its teaching and wisdom.

For example, when you implement the discipline to read Proverbs daily, your mind begins to think the thoughts with Godly wisdom – you’re renewing your mind. However, after a few months of discipline, the process becomes a passion – a habitual exercise you can’t imagine going through the day without.

I want to challenge you to look around and survey your life. Are you living slothfully or disorderly? Are there areas of your life that you need to discipline? When reading Proverbs, are there instructional statements you’re avoiding? Skipping reading them? Are there appetites that you can’t control?

It’s your life – you’re a man – you can decide not to have discipline, but the person that you’re hurting most is yourself.


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Read Proverbs Chapter 10

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