Day 248: Do Not Dishonor Authentic Manhood

Proverbs 5:9

If you do, you will lose your honor and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.


Do not dishonor authentic manhood and forfeit all of your earnings.

Our Advisor pulls no punches when it comes to the warnings of the adulteress. He not only has seen it as an adult male – Solomon knew the circumstances of his father and mother’s adulteress affair that wreaked havoc upon the house of David – Solomon also observed from his unique position of leading a nation the fall out from adulteress affairs.

His father, David, was the most honorable man – a king of impeccable character – a man who risked his own life multiple times for honor; yet, the night of boredom that led to his affair changed all that. David’s reputation plunged into a scandal.

Men – you’re the gate of authority – the gate you open is the gate the enemy will access into your home to destroy it. David lost four children – the infant child with Bathsheba, the defilement of Tamar, the murder of Amnon, and the rebellion and death of Absalom.


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