Day 219: Are You Home?

Proverbs 7:20

My husband’s not home; he’s away on business and won’t be back for a month.


Stay in touch and connected to your wife, regardless of where you are.

Solomon looked out the window to see a married woman scour the neighborhood for her next victim to seduce. She found a naive young man who quickly became her prey and stepped into her halfway house to hell.

When I read this each month, I wonder – where is the husband? Yes, we know the husband is away on business, but why does his wife feel free to wander the streets?

Before I go any further, I am aware that there are a lot of unfaithful and dishonorable women in marriages. However, the Daily Champion is written to encourage men. So, I want to address the husband.

As husbands, we should be present in our marriage – aware of our relationship and know what’s happening whether we are away on business or at home.

I had traveled for years, even during the season when my children were young and growing up. I made it a point to stay connected to my family no matter where I was. I stayed in close contact with my wife. When I returned home, I would spend extra time with my children and take my wife out on dates. I wanted my return to be a celebration, not allowing a bitter root to cause them to despise me or my travels.

Today, my wife travels with me most of the time; we enjoy our times together and celebrate a lifetime of faithfulness to one another.


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Read Proverbs Chapter 7

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