Day 198: Messenger of Death

Proverbs 17:11

Criminals out looking for nothing but trouble won’t have to wait long – they’ll meet it coming and going!


Those who rebel against God – those who do evil will face the messenger of death.

Have you ever watched television shows featuring dumb criminals? It’s pretty amazing when you see the stupidity of some people. You wonder…what were they thinking? They weren’t thinking – at least not rationally.

We live in a time when those bent on destruction will do whatever they can to destroy and be destroyed. We can examine the seeds of destruction that were sown early in life. We can analyze their parents – their education – their home life – but the reality is many times, people have dark minds. Many people think with evil intentions.

For those who do evil – criminals who rebel against God – the seeds of their destruction will arise against them. They will reap what they’ve sown. The unfortunate consequence is the collateral damage of their destructive ways.


The Messenger of death will be sent against them. Share on X

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