Day 188: There’s No Free Lunch

Proverbs 7:1

Dear friend, do what I tell you; treasure my careful instructions. Do what I say, and you’ll live well.


Love learning.

What are you willing to pay for a good life?

Each year, is used to auction a nice lunch at the New York City steakhouse Smith & Wollensky. In 2014, Andy Chua won the auction with a bid of $2.2 million. Chua and his seven guests enjoyed a lovely meal with famed investor – the Oracle of Omaha – Warren Buffett. I am sure the meal was fine, and the conversation was enjoyable, but why would anyone pay so much for a luncheon?

Mr. Chua’s generosity went to a good cause – the funds raised went to charity. But this luncheon was about something more than philanthropy – connection. It was about connecting with a contemporary that is and will be a historical legend. Mr. Buffett’s homespun investing wisdom is studied at all investment schools and seminars. He is the oracle of investing.

Once again, we must take the opportunity with the book of Proverbs seriously. Proverbs is a man writing wisdom to his son. This “life’s little instruction book” is the most incredible compilation of wisdom ever gathered, and it’s ours for the taking.

Shockingly, I meet men who don’t have an appetite for learning. I’m amazed at that kind of foolishness. In this life, there’s no free lunch.


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