Day 186: Enjoy The Wife of Your Youth

Proverbs 5:18

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.


Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!

We live in a pretty crass culture. Men have little restraint in speaking about what otherwise would be an inappropriate conversation. The challenge is to address the issues of modern culture without speaking down to their level.

When speaking to men, I often use artful language to speak on matters that could otherwise be considered off-limits. However, it is important to address these matters. So many men are living in a rough and tumble world – we need to be able to address the issues and deal with them truthfully.

Our Advisor has an artful way of describing something that otherwise could be an awkward statement. He often uses a double entendre to speak about these things.

In today’s Proverb, the reference to “fountain” is speaking of the eruption of the male’s stream being blessed. That’s not something that you would often hear, but it is referencing something that is a real issue of our day, which is a lack of vitality.

Recent studies have discovered a direct link between overstimulation of the eyes to a lack of stimulation or vitality in the male. This is a real challenge to our culture. The more men gaze upon women, the less alive they are with their spouses.

You will never flourish in your relationship with your wife as long as your eyes are not devoted to her. If you devote yourself and love the wife of your youth, your relationship will flourish in every way.


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