Day 166: Hell Holds No Secrets

Proverbs 15:11

Even hell holds no secrets from God – do you think he can’t read human hearts?


God is omniscient – knowing all and seeing all – He knows the heart of man.

It is foundational for us to understand that God, our Creator is omniscient – meaning that He is all-knowing and infinite in knowledge. There are no secrets that can be hidden from God. Our advisor says that even Sheol and Abaddon (Hell) are completely exposed to God. Then he compares that knowledge with His intellectual ability to know the thoughts that lie within the heart of all men.

The heart of man is the seat of appetites. It is also the seat of purpose. The character of a man lies within his heart. He knows the good. He knows your passions. He examines your ways. It’s the Closet Principle: what you do in secret is what moves you in public. The secrets of your heart will be revealed.

God also knows the evil inclinations of men’s hearts. He examined the hearts of men during the generation of Noah and found that they were inclined to evil. So much evil – and this is an astonishing statement – so much evil that He grieved and felt emotional pain for the creating man.

As God surveyed the hearts of men, He discovered the inner chambers of Noah and found favor.

Listen…God knows the depths and secrets of your heart, and yet, He still loves you! He still believes in you.


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