Day 165: Be Alert & Sober-Minded

Proverbs 14:16

The wise watch their steps and avoid evil; fools are headstrong and reckless.


Men should be vigilant and sober-minded at all times.

Not long ago, I was in the airport in Santiago, Chile, preparing to board the plane for all night commute back to the States. Suddenly, I saw that people became frightened – the earth was shaking under our feet – we were experiencing a 7.2 rector scale earthquake. Interestingly, I surveyed my surroundings and found an open space – near the exit door – it appeared to be a good place with nothing large overhead that could fall upon me. I moved toward that area and remained alert. Soon the excitement was over.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of men who seem to be going through the motions? They’re meandering through life. Some men are acting as if life is a permanent vacation. That is until something begins to shake things up.

Wise men are prudent to observe their surroundings at all times. When they walk into a room, they scan the room, looking for the exits, calculating the risks within the room. The wise man who is driving is constantly scoping the roads, hazards, carefully observing other drivers.

As men, we need to be alert. We need to be present. We should carefully study the options of whatever the situation demands.


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